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Head of Design for RTW Collection of Josie Natori, N Natori and Evening line

• Responsible for creation collection of 3 lines, including color, concept, styles and looks for NYFW

• Senior role managing and leading the design and whole product development process for both luxury ready to wear and evening brands

as well as more casual and affordable price brands which include plus size.

• Work in parallel with the Creative Director reporting directly to the CEO.

• Successfully relaunched Josie NATORI collection as a high-end designer level with elevated luxury brand image and high-quality product.

• Successfully launched new EVENING collection; Developed color palette, Concept, Keys silhouette and brand’s idea according relaunched

RTW collection as a designer level.

• Extended N Ready to Wear (including plus size) business with successful over plans sales outcome and great review.

• Key liaison role between the design, production, merchandiser, and sales teams.

• Traveled to Europe sourcing, shopping, research and development.

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